Repair, maintenance, and parts for audio equipment

Hanex Service specializes in the repair, maintenance, and provision of parts for audio equipment. For over twenty years, professional users, musicians, and hi-fi enthusiasts have trusted us with their devices, which we restore to top condition. Our experienced technicians have decades of experience and are capable of performing various repairs, whether it involves electronics, software, or mechanical issues.

We handle all warranty repairs in the Netherlands and for Cambridge Audio in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and France. For Universal Audio, we provide warranty repairs in the Benelux countries, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and England. Outside the warranty period, we can perform repairs for customers from most European countries. When registering a repair in our repair portal, we will indicate the available options.

The Logical Choice

Our technicians go beyond mere repairs. Hanex specializes in providing solutions, such as repair, modification, exchange, technical support, and the supply of accessories and parts. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with various top brands, manufacturers, and distributors, we have an extensive stock of original parts. If these are not available, we often offer alternatives or used or refurbished parts.


At Hanex, you are assured of a high-quality repair. As an official service partner for various brands, we have access to the most up-to-date service documentation, updates, and modifications. Our technicians use high-quality measuring equipment to accurately locate faults. When the cause remains unclear, we employ in-house developed systems for a thorough multi-point analysis.

Hanex Service has years of experience repairing various brands and is the European service partner for some of them. As an official service partner, we work closely not only with distributors but also directly with manufacturers. As a result, we provide European returns and repair services for multiple brands.

Fast and Competitively Priced

Our experienced technicians perform repairs quickly and efficiently, ensuring favorable costs. Thanks to our fault database, our repairers can quickly identify and resolve the issue. Commonly used parts are always in stock.

Easy Transport Arranged

Submitting your equipment is simple through our repair portal. Register your device and opt for a pick-up order or drop off the product at a designated point. If that is not possible, Hanex collaborates with an extensive network of retailers to arrange transportation.

In short, Hanex Service is the right place for the repair, maintenance, and parts of your audio equipment. We strive to provide you with the best possible service, ensuring you can fully enjoy your audio equipment once again.

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