Reparatie van audio apparatuur

Hanex Services all brands of audio equipment when out of warranty - whether it's home hi-fi, professional audio, or electronic instruments. In addition, we are the official service centre within the Netherlands, the Benelux or Europe for many renowned brands for repairs within warranty.


Brand Manufacturer
Advance Paris Advance Paris
Arcam Arcam
Art Pro Art Pro Audio
Audium Audium
Avid Audio Avid
Bel Canto Bel Canto
Bowers & Wilkins Bowers & Wilkins
Cambridge Audio Cambridge Audio
Cardas Cardas
Line 6 Line 6
Magnum Dynalab Magnum Dynalab
Musical Fidelity Musical Fidelity
NuPrime NuPrime Audio
Quadral Quadral
Rotel Rotel
Ruark Audio Ruark Audio
Scansonic Scansonic
Stealth Acoustics Stealth Acoustics
Spendor Spendor Audio
Tascam Tascam
Trinnov Trinnov
Universal Audio Universal Audio
Yamaha Yamaha
Applied Research and Technology
Bowers & Wilkins
Magnum Dynalab
Advance Paris
Bel Canto
Musical Fidelity
Universal Audio
Cambridge Audio
Line 6
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